We specialize in consistently delivering financial simplicity.

Southwestern Advisory Group is your trusted resource to help simplify wealth management and provide feasible solutions to help you harness potential and live your passions.


What We Do

Simply put, we advise.  We combine our expertise and research with your needs and present you with feasible options that keep your goals in mind.


How We Do It

We believe in transparency and handshakes.  We’re up front about our costs and we’re dedicated to our clients.  We get to know you, not just your assets, to help you thoroughly and effectively manage your wealth.

Why It Works

No sales gimmicks, no shelf of products to limit you.  We work for YOU and you only, so our advice is unbiased and impartial.  It works because we do.

Our Financial Advisor Team Ethics draw inspiration from "Cowboy Ethics"

You'll find this book on our coffee table.

You’ll also find it in our business practices.



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