Consulting, Advice, Leadership, and Coaching

Our mission at Southwestern Advisory Group is Consistently Delivering Financial Simplicity to every Client relationship that we engage. To deliver on this mission, our firm provides a variety of standalone Consulting, Advice, Leadership and Coaching (“C.A.L.C.”) services, solely focused on the efficient management of our Client’s energy, time and resources.

A different process, a better outcome.

We’re an advisory group – meaning we take a look at all the facts, measure them up against all the options, and help you decide what’s best for yourself, your family, your assets, your business and your longevity.  We don’t sell you a limited line of products and we aren’t pushing for commissions.  Our services are spelled out to you before we begin and you see the lined out costs before you press go.  We’re serious about being transparent and paving a new way to financial simplicity and we’re inviting you to join us.

Our process begins through fundamental analysis and the establishment of a documented foundation of each Client’s individual situation. We then collaborate with them to define their current goals, and objectives, so that they too can be documented with complete clarity. Once we have confirmed that the goals and objectives of each engagement are in complete alignment with the Client’s core values, our team will design, and recommend, the most advantageous strategies and solutions required to provide them with a focused path to success.

Listing of Services.

Financial Independence

Budgeting and Cash Flow

Cash Management


Accumulation & Growth

Distributions & Income

Legacy & Estate Planning

Charitable Gifting

Structured Settlements

Traditional Investments

Alternative Investments

Derivative Investments

Investment Products

Insurance Products

Expense Mitigation


Asset Allocation

Tax Diversification

Executive Compensation

Stock Options

Qualified Retirement Plans

Employee Benefits

Succession Planning

Exit Planning and Execution

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Capital Raising

Captive Insurance

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